Springfest 2017

Springfest 2017 - Saturday, May 6, 2017
Sale: 7:00am - Noon  *  Live Auction: 11:00am

SPRINGFEST 2017 Brochure Here

Springfest 2016 - Saturday, May 7, 2016
Photos of the Springfest 2016 are posted on WPC's Facebook Page!

Students and families in need of Springfest Assistance should make contact with their school's social workers and nurses.

     The first Saturday of May is Springfest. All year long, members of the congregation work toward this annual mission, which has been held for thirty-two years.
A bake sale, biscuit sale, yard sale, plant sale, raffle, and auction combine to raise money which is used in the community to provide for the needs of underprivileged school children. Westminster provides the funds for students who need eye glasses, shoes, school supplies, or whatever it takes to make their classroom experience a positive one.

Donating - If you woud like to donate any items (general sale or auction), please bring them to our Drop-Off dates throughout the year. Tax letters available upon request.
      If you have any questions, need help with a LOT of items, OR in getting your large items to the church, please contact Westminister at (910) 485-8128.
Items we CANNOT accept: Computers of any kind, clothing, shoes, televisions or mattresses

Church Member Pre-Sale - Members of Westminster Presbyterian Church may participate in a Pre-Sale on Friday Night prior to Springfest. **Remember: Pre-Sale Prices are Double the sticker-price (except for plants & furniture) AND Any item purchased in pre-sale MUST be removed that night. No Bake sale.

Raffle - Tickets Available for purchase through the church office or on-site Friday and Saturday.  Prizes vary each year. If you or your business would like to participate, please contact the Springfest Coordinator.

Bake Sale - We need lots of homemade goodies to sell because we sold out of everything last year! If you can package & price items, please do. Please mark if items contain nuts, coconut, other high allergen ingredients. Bake Sale Drop Off: Friday, May 5, 9am-Noon, OR drop on Saturday morning before Springfest "opens".

Lemonade Stand - Our WEB Kids (Westminster Elementary Believers) will be running a Lemonade Stand to also raise funds for children in Cumberland County.Look for their stand in the yard!

If you would like to volunteer for either pre-sorting, set-up during the week prior to the sale, or on the day of sale, please contact Westminister prior to the Saturday Sale
Serving others and the Kingdom of God is for ALL ages - Youth Volunteers (6th-12th grade) should contact Youth Director Erin Wehrmeister prior to Saturday. Children participating (2nd-5th grade) should contact their WEB leaders for more information.